Do You Live Outside of the 20170 Zip Code?

Check Out These Other Organizations for Transportation Assistance.

Village to Village Network  

Transportation information     703-324-7948

Fairfax County Dial-a-Ride
Discounted taxi coupons to Fairfax County residents who are income eligible. Complete and return this Dial-a-Ride application.

Fairfax County Seniors-on-the-Go!
Discounted taxi coupons to individuals 65 and over who make less than $40,000 or couples who make less than $50,000. Complete and return this application.

Fastran Critical Medical Care
Transportation for residents undergoing dialysis, cancer treatment, and rehabilitative services. WHEELCHAIR FRIENDLY.

Free transportation for Medicaid recipients to Medicaid service providers. WHEELCHAIR FRIENDLY. 1-866-386-8331, TTY 711

Door-to-door, shared-ride, paratransit service for people with a disability who cannot use bus or rail service. WHEELCHAIR FRIENDLY.

Fairfax County TaxiAccess
Discounted taxi coupons to Fairfax County residents eligible for MetroAccess because of a disability. Must request wheelchair taxi.
703-877-5800, TTY 711

Mobile Accessible Travel Training Bus
Free training to older adults on how to use the Fairfax Connector and Metro. 703-877-5800, TTY 711

Metro System Travel Training
Free training to people with disabilities and older adults on how use Metro. 202-962-1100, TTY 711


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