Senior Citizens in Herndon Need Your Help!

(Herndon Patch, November 11, 2020)

Make a Difference with Herndon Village Network

During the ongoing pandemic, keeping healthy while accomplishing life’s basic tasks is vitally important for area senior citizens. Fortunately, for those who reside in Herndon, volunteer drivers with Herndon Village Network (HVN) make this a little easier. HVN drivers provide essential services, including:

  • Private transportation to “must do” doctor appointments, pharmacies, and grocery stores; and
  • Pickup and delivery of ordered prescriptions and groceries, so that senior citizens do not have to go into stores.

Most of all, drivers give of their time in a kind and supportive manner. Mary, who has used Herndon Village Network transportation for shopping, hair appointments, and doctor visits, notes “Each person who drives you is like an old friend.”

Please consider becoming a vetted driver with Herndon Village Network. You volunteer approximately two to three times per month, and you select the dates and times you drive from a list of requests. Your gift of a ride will help senior citizens maintain established routines and connections, which results in a higher quality of life— something even more important during these challenging times. To volunteer as a driver, please visit