Member Spotlight

We recently featured one of HVN’s longtime drivers in this spot. We thought we’d introduce you to one of our newest member-riders, John. L. A 33-year resident of Herndon, John is a member of Toastmasters, Rotary Club and enjoys ballroom dancing.

Professionally, John has been a “Renaissance” man. He holds a graduate degree in Asian Studies along with an MBA. His education served him well during his 5-year service in the Air Force, half of which he was stationed in Asia — and while working in a variety of positions in the private sector and as a government contractor. He has worked in business operations as a Mandarin interpreter, assisting top-level executives negotiate contracts, in addition to holding positions in sales, accounting and information technology — this last, a field in which he remains current and plans to continue to work.

As a Rotarian, John understands the importance of service to others — and now appreciates that HVN is here to meet his needs now that he is in need of some help. He joined HVN earlier this year after a friend and fellow Herndon Rotarian recommended our service. She learned John could no longer drive after being involved in a serious traffic accident last year that resulted in temporary paralysis and a broken neck which required two surgeries. But despite his injuries, John was determined to remain active because being able to get to where he wants to go is an important part of maintaining friendships and staying engaged in our community!

Before joining HVN, John was fortunate to be able to rely on friends and neighbors to get him around, but since joining HVN, he has found our service an “extremely” reliable source of transportation. He has expressed that he has enjoyed meeting our drivers, all of whom he has found to be “exceptionally well-educated, having worked in high-level positions, easy to communicate with, and a great joy to converse with while being driven to appointments.” And each time he learns a driver has accepted one of his ride requests, he feels “A great sense of relief in that I know I can meet appointment obligations.”

His advice to prospective members? “Be grateful and enjoy the ride.” Good advice, John, for ALL of us!