Herndon Village Network Reaches Out to Kendrick Court Apartments

Herndon Village Network (HVN) has announced an exciting expansion of its services. Senior citizens at Kendrick Court Apartments are now eligible to receive much-needed transportation for doctor appointments, shopping, social outings, and more.

“Thanks to growing community support, Herndon Village Network (HVN) has sufficient funding and volunteers to begin its much-needed expansion from Herndon 20170 into Herndon 20171, and Kendrick Court Apartments is the perfect beginning,” said Penny Halpern, President of HVN’s Board of Direc- tors. “I would love to see even more neighbors vol- unteer to drive two or three times a month. That would allow HVN to offer services throughout 20171.”

Herndon Village Network currently has 100 senior citizen members, who pay only $20 per year for un- limited access to day and evening transportation on weekdays and weekends. In 2019, volunteer driv-

ers provided members 908 rides, totalling 19,578 miles. This more organized concept of neighbors helping neighbors encourages older residents to age in the Herndon community and allows them to main- tain established routines and connections, which re- sults in a higher quality of life.

Herndon Village Network (HVN) invites every se- nior citizen, age 55 or older, who no longer can drive—or who feels uncomfortable driving—to be- come a member this year. The only requirements are that members pay a $20 annual fee, schedule transportation at least 48 hours in advance, and re- side, permanently or temporarily, in the Herndon 20170 zip code or in Kendrick Court Apartments. HVN also invites volunteers interested in making a difference to join the driving team. For more infor- mation about becoming a member, volunteering as a driver, or making a donation, please send an email to herndonvillagenetworkinfo@gmail.com or visit HerndonVillageNetwork.org.