Herndon Village Network Connects with Senior Citizens

(Connection Newspaper, March 31, 2020)

Herndon Village Network (HVN) is key to keeping senior citizens connected to the community, even in today’s challenging times. Currently, HVN is offering the following services:

  • Transportation of healthy HVN members to “must do” doctor appointments, pharmacies, and grocery stores;

  • Pickup and delivery of ordered prescriptions and groceries, so that HVN members do not have to go into stores; and

  • Purchase and delivery of shelf-stable food to senior citizens residing at Herndon Harbor House.

Herndon Village Network currently has 100 senior citizen members, who pay only $20 per year for unlimited access to day and evening transportation on weekdays and weekends. In 2019, volunteer drivers provided members 908 rides, totalling 19,578 miles. This more organized concept of neighbors helping neighbors encourages older residents to age in the Herndon community and allows them to maintain established routines and connections, which results in a higher quality of life.

Senior citizens who reside in Herndon 20170 or in Kendrick Court Apartments may call 703-375-9439 or visit https://herndonvillagenetwork.org/join/ to become Herndon Village Network (HVN) members. Adults interested in helping with HVN’s mission may make tax-deductible donations at https://herndonvillagenetwork.org/donate/ or become volunteers at https://herndonvillagenetwork.org/volunteer/.