Here Are Additional Resources for Senior Citizens.

Resources Available through Fairfax County Government

Adult Protective Services     703-324-7450
Aging, Disability and Caregiver Resource Line     703-324-7948
Adult Day Health Care     703-246-8743
Congregate Meals     703-324-5430
Disability Services Planning & Development    703-324-5421
ElderLink     703-324-5374
Meals on Wheels     703-324,5409
Community Health Care Network     703-689-2180
Northern Virginia Long-Term Care Ombundsman Program     703-324-5861

DC Positive Aging Sourcebook

Guide to Resources and Support for Older Adults Living Alone

Non Emergency Medical Transportation Contact Numbers

Aetna Better Health of Virginia:  1-800-734-0430

Humana MMP:  1-855-253-8689

Humana National Medicare (MCR):  1-866-588-5122

InTotal Health:  1-800-894-8139

Kaiser Permanente:  1-866-823-8349

Virginia Medicaid (State FFS Program):  1-866-386-8331

UnitedHealthcare VA DSNP:  1-833-219-1175

UnitedHealthcare VA Medicaid:  1-844-604-2078

UnitedHealthcare VA Medicaid Medallion:  1-833-215-3884

UnitedHealthcare Medicare National:  1-866-418-9812

UnitedHealthcare Group Retiree: 1-833-219-1182

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